Wollongong: Organizing a Beautiful Wedding

If you live in Wollongong and would like to organize a beautiful wedding, in order to celebrate your marriage, then this blog post is perfect for you. In no more than 300-and-something words, we are going to share with you excellent advice that will enable you to organize a very beautiful and entertaining wedding worth remembering for the rest of your life!

Renting The Place:

The first thing to do on your book should be to rent the place where the wedding will take place. Because these places tend to be rented out very fast. According to what professional wedding planners comment, one should rent a wedding location with at least 4 months in advance.

If you want to make sure you will have a beautiful place where to host your celebration, then your best move is to rent the place as fast as a thunder. But of course, if you want to save money and reduce the complication of logistics, then you can always organize the wedding in your house, provided you are not going to invite a lot of people.

The Photography:

You will need an excellent Wollongong wedding photography service in order to make your wedding a success. A wedding without a proper photography service is destined to failure. Don’t make your wedding go this way, try to hire the best Wollongong wedding photography service possible.

The Food:

Another important element in every wedding is the food. So make sure you can deliver excellent food to your guests at the right time. If you want to deliver a very delicious dish on time, then you will need hire a reliable chef along with a group of waiters. That’s all you must do to supply your guests with delicious food that will leave them in awe!

The Basics of Lining Plates

If you work in the construction field then you must have often comes across the words lining plates. These are mostly used as protection for any structure or elements of a building during sandblasting (a process used to remove old paint or smooth away surfaces) and as a shield against abrasive wear and tear. A futterplatten is often used in mills (for grinding) as the mixers that are designed for processing and powdering hard materials are not worn out easily. Other uses are for tunnels and shafts by mining companies that are the main customers.You can find liner plates made from several materials such as silicon-infiltrated, sintered or liquid phase silicon, ceramics or cemented carbides. Some more popular ones are steel liner plates that come with the benefits of being light weighted, can be handled easily, come with safe support and are resistant to a significant amount of load.


If you want to get liner plates installed in any tunnel or shafts then keep in mind that there are a few different options of the kind of installation you choose. Each comes with its own advantages of application. The first is the simplest – installing liner plates only. The benefits are rather obvious since this structure gives the maximum support possible for every foot of the tunnel all the while being lightweight. Regardless of the cohesive or non-cohesive ground, liner plates are very dependable structure wise if installed properly. Moreover this also means that no additional support is requires in tunnels made solely of lining plates. Another way to install is to give extra support by adding ribs inside the ring of the plate to act as lagging but keep in mind that this does increase the overall diameter. A less common method is to install liner plates between two ribs.

Air Hogs Pocket Copter

If you are in to drones and helicopters then you should definitely check this out, it is from one of the latest collection and is called ‘Air Hogs Pocket Copter’. It is by far the best and most reviewed helicopter. It is designed in green and black which makes it different from other helicopters and it helps to catch some attention too.

It is a 2 channel helicopter and you can even fly it indoor and to make it work its charger requires 6 AA batteries and 3 more batteries are required for the controller, once these are fixed in it, it is ready to fly. It is small in size, it is less than 4 inches and you can carry it easily to where ever you want, can even pack it in a storage box. To make it work you do not have to go through anything as it is user friendly and is extremely easy to use, it has a horizontal rubber stick, vertical motion sticks and for spin control there are trim buttons. Its whole body is made of plastic and it very light in weight, that’s why it is very portable and easy to handle.

People really appreciate and love this helicopter as this small device is very entertaining and it does not even cost much. People have rated this device 4 out of 5 and are in love with it, they say it is very easy to use and they also recommend it to others as well. So, if you need some entertainment in your life and you need a helicopter then you should definitely check this out and should go for it. If you need any more details and information about it then you should check out its reviews and should also see its review videos.

Parts of Roof That You Must Know During Construction Process

Before you can begin any work on a rooftop, you have to see how the rooftop’s components join to make a waterproof layer. This differs as indicated by outline, age, kind of covering, and atmosphere. A few rooftops have every one of the components demonstrated as follows; others have just a few, yet the standards have a tendency to continue as before. Rooftops are upheld by outside dividers, roof joists, and inside bearing dividers. They are sheathed in layers of plywood, waterproofing, and shingles. The rooftop’s employment is to shed water far from the structure. If you are living in areas where you experience more rainfall then you must follow different rules set for people living in this particular area. Gryphon Roofing is one of the best for the roof construction. While installing the roof you must arrange them in an overlapping manner with the same material. This is done in order to avoid leaking when there is heavy rainfall. The second layer 24arranged in a different opposing manner for the same reason. The roof consists of different parts. Some of the main parts are mentioned as follows:

1. Shingles: To improve the quality of the roof and to avoid any leakage of rain or any other type of water shingles are used. It is a way of arranging the roof in an overlapping manner.
2. Roof Underlayment: It acts as a waterproof barrier. It is placed under the shingles to improve the quality. Roof underlayment is made of plywood arranged in a horizontal manner.
3. Battens: These are mainly the binding site of the roof. They provide even spaces in order to maintain uniformity. The spacing depends on the type of tiles that are used for the construction of the roof, methods that are adapted to attach the tiles and last but not the least climate. Gryphon Roofing is trusted by a number of consumers.

Landing An Excellent Lawyer: How-To Guide

The lawyer’s crowd experiences a lot of demand, because people are always either getting into problems with law or requesting help to get the justice they deserve. If you need to a very good attorney to attend your case, then on this practical and short how-to guide, you will learn how to hire a valuable personal of this kind.

#1: What Do You Need?
killino-698x250new1There are MANY types of lawyers, that’s why you need to be very specific and see what you really need. If you live in California and need help from a lawyer in order to win your claim, because you were the victim of a car accident, then you should get someone from a team like this one: http://www.killinofirmca.com/.

Start by being specific, very much. Because your targeting needs to be very precise, never content yourself with an average attorney who says he can handle it, when in fact he doesn’t have experience on these cases.

#2: The Role of the Firm:
Your lawyer, the one you are about to select, must form part from a top-notch team. The firm is the most important firm in fact, because this is a team that will back it up. And another thing on why you must hire a lawyer who belongs to a reputable firm is because they have already done the selection and filtering for you.

How so?Well, reputable firms do not simply hire the first lawyer that comes across, they are pretty careful on this matter. So they will have already done the filtering that’s needed, and this will save you tons of time. Remember to select a good firm and the lawyer you will get from it will be excellent – it’s a common rule, so just follow it at the moment of getting your attorney.

A Personal Injury Case? Then You Must Read This!

Personal injury cases are amongst the most common ones. Lawyers in this niche have to deal with tons of them every single day, and you are one of those persons who need help from a good attorney who can deliver good results.

And we are here to point you to the right direction, to embark you onto the right way. Be our guest and read this piece of content, because what you are about to learn will radically change the way you look at this issue. So come with us and allow us to show you how you can result successful with your claim and lawsuit.

You Must Act Fast:

aid714301-728px-Take-Action-to-Help-Stop-Human-Rights-Violations-Step-6One of the things you need to do is to act fast. The speed here matters quite a lot, so the faster you act the better. The insurance company will have no mercy on you, so taking action fast is what will protect you against them. You have to leave them no space available to make their moves, you need to be smarter and quicker than them all the time. Don’t be silly and just act fast, but with the right foundation on how to do it.

Work With a Firm:

You need to act fast, that’s true, but you also need to work with a firm. In Miami you have The Killino Firm, which can be found at the following address: www.killinofirmmiami.com/. And just like them, you can find many others in the US or any other country.

A law firm will offer you better results, because you will have a great guarantee, lots of experience playing at your favor. So don’t make things unnecessarily complicate, just act fast and work with a firm – that’s what will offer you the best results.

How to Know the Value of Your Company

Knowing the value of the company is very important. However, sometimes people have misleading concepts regarding the value of their company. Nevertheless, people need to be realistic about the value of their company. For a company, knowing the value must be their number one priority. It is very impractical to work on values that do not mean anything because they might lead you to unworkable results.

Companies like CPA have experience of more than twenty years in this field. They have worked with the top most firms in Florida for a long time. They have an extremely good reputation in the market today. They have an experience of working with the best firms in the United States of America and in Canada. Their main job is to work on accounting practices for sale by knowing the values of the companies in the market. Companies like CPA can help your company to let you know the real value of your company in the market. They spent a handsome amount of time studying the values of all the companies in the market and update their data from time to time. Then they help you to compare your company with all the other companies working in the same cause. This will help you to know where your company stands at that particular moment. This will also enable you to know how much work you need to do to top other companies. Without knowing the actually knowing the market price you can never know what your company’s actual worth is.

CPA will help your company’s accounting practices for sale. They will also provide consultation and help you with your company’s finances. Moreover, they will allow you to know the deals that you must sign up for that will be in the favor of the company.

Advertising Enthusiasts

They say find something you love and turn it into your source of income and you will never get bored of your job. Eraser Farm is a company that has taken this phrase to heart, an independent American advertising agency, Eraser Farm is dedicated to producing advertisements that are unique, creative and eye catching. The agency has become the best branding agency Tampa has to offer to anyone wishing to strengthen their advertising campaign and make it more effective. Eraser Farm’s innovation and the ability to deliver personalised advertising solutions is unmatchable in terms of quality and satisfaction.

12640417_f520For any organization, be it large or small, an effective advertisement campaign is a must, and not being able to make their presence known to their potential customers would mean that the company will never be able to expand, eventually leading to a steady decline in the organization’s profits. Given the importance of advertisement, it’s completely understandable why any organization would be hesitant about handing over their marketing department’s work to a third party. You will seldom find a company that is so motivated to provide their client’s with the perfect planning, they’ll come up with a mountain of ideas just for you and then choose the one that seems perfect. Eraser Farm’s highly flexible work method allows them to seamlessly work with their client’s marketing department without causing any disruptions or problems.

The advertising agency makes use of every tool that they can find, their ads are designed to be printed, uploaded to websites and blogs and more, they even make videos and short clips. Eraser Farm believes that a well-designed picture can have a greater impact than an entire paragraph of information and a video can do even more than that. Leave your advertising plans to the best agency around, ensuring that your brand stands out from the rest.

How to Know If You Should Buy a Chihuahua?

If you want to buy a dog for the first time, then you may have considered the Chihuahua as an option, and it’s quite normal, because it’s one of the most popular options nowadays. And we are going to tell you why you should pick it over the rest.

If you are really interested, then you should come with us and learn. And we are starting this article right now!

Perfect For Small Houses or Apartments:

If you want to have your own dog, yet don’t have a lot of space available, then you should choose the Chihuahua. It doesn’t require a big house to be happy, just a good space and that’s it. We learned this from the article in Spanish that discussed this topic: para quién es recomendable un chihuahua.

8ab77311b7d1b9828960d7eba16476c6Good For an Alone Person or a Couple with no Children:

A Chihuahua can be easily adapted to an alone person or a couple with no children. You can raise them even if you have children, it will be harder but certainly possible, but you can raise it by your own means and he won’t have any problem with it.

The unique thing you need to take into account is that your Chihuahua will need good training in order to don’t be aggressive to strangers or other dogs. That’s why socialization is a must do since a puppy.

Not a Lot of Care:

We know that having a pet implies lots of responsibility, but with the Chihuahua you will have an easier time. You can play with it indoors and just for a short time. So if you want to have a dog that won’t demand a lot of time from you, then you will fall in love with this one.

Your Guide to Legalizing Your Retirement

People work hard all their life so they receive a better life standard as well as get a better retirement time.  As you bid farewell to all the corporate as well as other matters, you have to first make it regal that you’re retirement. The first thing you do is go through the process of estate planning. A common misconception is prevailing among the people that estate planning is only for those who are wealthy. This is not true, it is important for everyone before they retire regardless of the fact that they are wealthy or not.  It is important to clear this process in a healthy condition so that when you pass away or are in a disabled condition, you would have already made the decisions on the distribution of your assets, property and other worthy things that you own.

a-millennials-guide-to-planning-for-retirement-815-body-image-1441072551-size_1000The next legal thing you have to do is name someone your power of attorney. This person can be a relative, your children r a loved one. It gives them the power to make decisions about your financial assets and property in your absence; if you pass away or are disabled.  It is a significant part of retirement as it will give the person the power to make your financial decisions when you are unable to do so helping you in any type of problem including medical care etc. Dietrich Family Law can help you achieve all the legal process as well as help you throughout during your retirement.

As you reach retirement, you can also name someone as your healthcare power of attorney. This is basically a person that can grant access you to financial accounts so that you do not face any issues when you need different medical treatments as well as nursing help.

Reasons to Invest In Real Estate

Real estate is an ideal way of investment as has its several benefits as well. It requires a big budget and the most favorite sector of investment of lottery winners as it not only saves your money but also gives you monthly or yearly increment. You can also see the reviews and suggestions of lottery winners on http://keralalotteryresult.today and many other websites and check that they consider real estate the most profitable sector as it’s easy to understand. Even a person with basic mathematics knowledge is enough to handle the profit and loss. You require less maintenance and efforts as well.

How-To-Invest-In-Real-EstateUnlike many other investment plans, real estate doesn’t require any algorithm or hard and fast rules to calculate the profit. You can get the help of a real estate dealer and ask him to calculate the profit for you. Simply, the knowledge of addition and subtraction is enough for you. No need to19 worry about the understanding of complex formulae devised by mathematician. Moreover, you can improve the property and after making several changes you can earn a significant profit. With the demographic changes, the chances of renting out your property also increase.

No need to worry about inflation, as with the increased prices the value of your home will also increase. No matter you want to sale your home or rent it out, there are no chances of loss. People keep searching the new homes and investors hunt for a lucrative deal all year round. You can sale your home at anytime and fulfill your need in a difficult time. Moreover, it’s the market where you can buy property with a debt and pay the remaining cost later. Similarly, the doors of investment in real estate are open for you even if you’re thinking about mortgage and leverage processes.

Types Of Car Wax

Car waxing is the only way to make your car’s exterior look like new, though washing it makes it look fresh and naturally acceptable and beautiful, still, the beautiful shine is only caused by applying the right amount of car wax on it. There are multiple options to choose from, with hundreds of car wax products in the United States of America, there are countless products and to choose from thousands of them, users always go for the best-rated seller or the one they have heard good about it. It is important to know the qualities and varieties found in car wax products, each one falls under specific price range and car wax rating method. There are several car wax products that are expensive enough with different flavors and chemicals but are of no use when it comes to durability of the applied product. some cheap ones do a better job for rough drivers to make their cars look shiny like a mirror.

FinishingWaxes007There are exactly three kinds of car waxes, each with a specific property and a proper way to apply on the surface of the car. Several paints are good for sprays, some for paste wax, others for a simple lustrous pad wax. The first one is a liquid wax, it comes in packets with pads and towels to apply on the surface of cars, these are given 9 out of 10 car wax ratings depending upon the factory. Liquid wax is overcome by paste wax that is a quick and simple procedure to make your car look like a brand new vehicle. It has high car wax ratings and takes a minute to apply and paste. The third one and a best one falling in the car wax ratings is a great finisher “the spray wax”. It is simple to use, spray it all over the car and see its wonders.

Things You Need To Do Before Filing for a Divorce

When it comes to divorce, it can either be very freeing or can be very emotionally traumatizing. In any case there are a certain things that hinder in your way. Basically emotions get in the way of working out all the details in the divorce and if such is the case, which most of the time is, then you find yourself in a situation that is a loss for you. However this can always be avoided by hiring the best Tampa divorce lawyer. If you are not sure about the essential requirements that need to be met before filing for a divorce then keep on reading further ahead. This will serve as a guide for you to know all the essential requirements and things that you need to do before actually filing for a divorce. Some of these things are given below along with their details.

Hire the Best Tampa Divorce Lawyer

divorce-attorneyThe first and foremost step after coming to the decision of getting divorced is to actually go on the hunt for the best Tampa divorce lawyer. ­­Once you are looking for the best Tampa divorce lawyer just go ahead and look up the good divorce attorneys and do keep in mind that relying on other’s recommendation is the worst mistake that anyone could ever make. The reason behind not relying on other people’s recommendation because even though it might have worked for your friends or family. However it never always works for everyone.

Determining the Financial Status

Another thing that you are required to do is collect all the necessary documents that will help in determining your financial status and determining how you will negotiate for the equal and justified distribution of assets between you and your spouse.

Who Is a Roofer and What Does His Job Incorporate

Before we get into the depths of what a roofer is and point out the technicalities of his job, you need to understand why would you ever need a roofer? Would there ever come a time in your life that you will require the services of a roofer Tampa? The answer is yes. There is a 99.9% chance that you would need a roofer. People living in houses or even apartment buildings require a roof over their head. It is a necessity of us humans that we need shelter to pass our life in.

The term roofer refers to an individual who is experienced in the field of installing roofs and all that comes with it. Roofer Tampa is a person who has suitable carpentry skills to repair old roofs and lay down new ones according to the wish of the client. Since roofers are professionals, they have all know how about roofing Tampa and its materials.

860773_Virt_upends_roofin3-1024x684The job of the roofer Tampa entitles him to either freelance or join a company in order to do his job. The job requires him to go up to the roofs so it should be a person who does not have acrophobia and has a sense of his surroundings. Roofer Tampa sits down with the client and discusses their wishes and act accordingly. Roofers’ job involve taking the client’s desires and needs, picking out the appropriate material, assembling and planning out the installment of the roof and then finally doing the job. It is the responsibility of roofer Tampa to concentrate on the right materials (appropriate for the weather of the region and suitable to the client’s taste), complete the basic requirement of a roof and implementation of the materials in their proper place. This all proves that roofers are the people that everyone need in their life, at least once.

Loving the World of Austin

The capital of Texas, Austin lies in the central part of the state of Texas. It is on the eastern side of Southwest America. It is also known as the 4th largest city in Texas while it is having the status of the 15th largest city in the U.S. The city is renowned for the growth it has seen over the last few years. The city has a strong cultural and economic background and is one of the top preferences of the people looking for the most suitable place to reside, work and grow.  Austin is also famous for several titles like ‘Best Places to Live’, Greenest City in America’, and ‘America’s No. 1 College Town’. It is one of the top ranking places due to the men and the materials. The residential areas are from very cheap to very expensive.  The people can enjoy huge homes to small, compact residences as per their choice and preference.

Texas State Capitol AustinMost of the people are high profile professors, students, small families, workers for tech-firms, white-collar employees, musicians, politicians and state employees. The small, compact rented accommodation is liked by those studying in UT, or those working as workers or employers. They believe that by renting a home one can move around easily according to the convenience. Austin is a great tourist location because of the neighborhood. It included places like Anderson Mill, Canyon Lake, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Jollyville, Kyle, Lakeway, Leander, Lockhart, New Braunfels, Pflugerville, Round Rock, San Marcos, Seguin, and Taylor. It is a great place to enjoy the contemporary lifestyle as it has the potential to cater the needs of the people who really want to have the best in their life. It is the hub of several technology based organizations.

If you are looking for Student properties for rent, Austin has the best to offer.

What to Eat When On a Weight Loss Program

People who are looking to lose weight and trying to achieve a certain level of decreased fat % in their body have to go through some really tough months or even years, that really depends on how much do you weigh at when starting the weight loss mission, or how conviction or dedication you put into your mission, weight loss program generally depends on strict diet and consuming exercises.But the most confusing thing is what to eat when on a weight loss program. And getting it right is really important because if you somehow get it wrong then you won’t be able to achieve the desired results.

140378359_XSThere are many myths about healthy eating and what you must do is that you must separate myths from facts, and only consider the facts because these misguiding stories are shared on the internet and people share their personal experiences and if there is someone out there who hasn’t been able to achieve weight loss must never be able to convince you that you cannot achieve it because he/she hasn’t, no you have a different situation and circumstance and if you are able to follow the decided routine of exercise and strict healthy meal diet routine then you would be able to achieve the results you want.

If you don’t know how to prepare meals which are healthy and delicious at the same time or you routine doesn’t allow you the time so that you can learn how to cook these meals then you can always order these meals from amazing healthy food stores like fitlife foods, if you live in Tampa FL and you haven’t visited fitlife foods then you are missing out on something that is pocket friendly, tasty and healthy.

What Are Some of The Advantages of Cash Loans

Although there are quite a different type of loans, they usually require a person to fill in a lot of paperwork, and then wait for the loan to get approved; the process alone can take days as well as weeks before it actually goes through. However, if you are in need of urgent money, then you can always apply for cash loans. For those who don’t know, this type of loan is also known as payday loan and there are several advantages to it. As compared to other means of acquiring loans, this method works faster, and gets you the money you need in just a matter of few moments.

For those who want to know about cash loan in detail, simply read below.

Quick Access

465856505Perhaps one of the biggest benefit of having cash loan is that they are very, very quick to access. For instance, if you are in an immediate need of cash, you can simply walk into places that offer cash loans, and once all the verification has been done, you will be handed the cash right away. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to using the traditional means of acquiring since those ways can take a lot of time.

No Credit Score Required

While you would need a positive credit score when applying for a loan at a bank, the same case wouldn’t be required at all when it comes to acquiring cash loan. The person or institute that is handing you over this type of loan would primarily want to know the amount you earn per month, and the type of job you have. Obviously, there will be a background check but once that’s confirmed, the loan will be all yours to spend.

Young and Stylish

These days, beard products for men are becoming more and more common. Every men you look at, whether he is 30 or 50, has got the same beard color. And this is not due to a great and strong genetic pool. But this is just the work of any of these hair colors.

tumblr_m0sonxWh6n1rqnytio1_500Beard has rather started trending quite recently, actually. And so these beard products for men are being used at an unbelievably great number on the year-scale graph. You can actually see that men have been working on their beards more since 2013.

It has become more of a fashion now, to have a beard. There are several different kinds of beard-styles. There is the French cut, the after shave, the goatee. Not saying that these did not exist before but they have just come into play too much in our society these days. Especially among the ladies.

Beards used to be a sign of trust. Someone with a beard used be considered as religious and pious. An old and wise person would be found with a beard. Well, they mostly had the long ones and still do. But it is not the same anymore.

Men use beards now as a tool to look more young and attractive. And if these beards start to change color as they grow older, they would apply various beard products for men to keep in style.

While this is a common thing found in young boys after hitting puberty, trying to grow a beard and a mustache just to look older than they actually are, which is the opposite of what women prefer, guys that are older are now frequently making use of beard products for men to stay younger and in the game. Well, what can I say. Good for them.

Top 4 Healthy Heart Foods

With the rise in production of processed as well as other unhealthy food, one has to be careful with what they eat in order to prevent heart diseases. Following are the top four foods that are necessary as well as healthy for your heart:


You can eat mashed avocados with mayonnaise and butter as a healthy alternative. You may eat is alone or use it as a dip for other food items like sandwiches, burritos, salads. Lemon may be added for taste.


Tomatoes are not only healthy for your skin and body healthy, but it is has a delicious taste and is used as a core ingredient for almost every dish.  They provide an antioxidant called lycopene which will help lower your cholesterol level as well as protect cells from damaging. You can use raw tomatoes for salads and as a main ingredient for foods like chicken, beef, etc.


heart-healthy-nutrition-stripped-photo-1-1Fish as a whole is healthy for the heart as well as prevents you from other diseases with fatal consequences.  It has the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids that will help you reduce blood clot formation, lower the risk of cardiac death, reduce triglycerides etc.

Fresh Fruits

You can easily get seasonal fruits like peach, orange, melon, plums, berries, etc. they are not only good for your heart but also taste good.

Apart from the 4 healthy foods mentioned above, you should also have the well-known detox tea called Fit Tea has it has ingredients including green tea, pomegranate, ginger, stevia and Oolong Wu Yi and other natural herbs that help you get rid of the toxins in the body as well as prevent your arteries from thickening. This is very healthy for heart related diseases and other diseases with fatal consequences like cancer etc.

Why is Green Tea Deemed the Healthiest Drink?

When we read about so many benefits that we get from just drinking a few cups of green tea daily, it is not an understatement to deem green tea as the best beverage to be found anywhere in the world. However, this statement can be challenged as soon as we find another beverage that has this long a list of benefits as green tea has for our general health and disease prevention. Green tea is a power pack loaded with antioxidant components and provides us with essential nutrients that has considerable healthy effects on our body if we take about 3-5 cups of green tea every day.

Individuals in a habit of regularly drinking it have enhanced brain function, higher rate of unwanted fat being burnt, a much reduced risk of cancer among other unbelievable benefits. Since this beverage is quite popular and gaining even more popularity around the world, there have been many research’s conducted to study the effects in detail. Some health benefits have been confirmed by the results of these authentic studies. If you want to make use of any of the benefits of this beverage, you can find FitTea green tea quite easily in the market.

Green tea is much more than the simple drink it appears to be as merely a lightly colored liquid. It has bioactive compounds that are transferred from the leaves it is made from to the final liquid that is consumed. These compounds are healthy because they are a source of many nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. For starters, the polyphenols present in green tea in high quantities act as antioxidants that prevent signs and symptoms of aging by countering and reducing the presence of free radical in the body known to cause damage to the cells and molecules.